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May 15, 2023 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

On Thursday, May 11th, at 7 p.m., the highly anticipated music video for “RASEN in OKINAWA” premiered. This relay microphone song, performed by the talented artists Awich, Tubaki, OZworld, and CHICO CARLITO, is part of Red Bull’s popular project “RASEN“. Along with its release as a single, the song was also included in the compilation album “098RADIO vol.1 Hosted by Awich“, garnering significant attention from fans. The music video, directed by Hidehito Hotta (Hideto Hotta), the same director behind Red Bull’s “Washnen”, “Mouth out”, and “RASEN” videos, takes us on a journey through the artists’ hometowns and the places that hold special significance for them. Each member showcases their own environment, allowing viewers to explore the cultures and landscapes that have shaped Okinawa’s history.

The main scene of the video was filmed in front of Hoshinmon, one of Okinawa’s most iconic sites. The group also chose the main hall of Shuri Castle as a backdrop, despite it being destroyed by fire in 2019. These symbolically charged locations add a unique dimension to the video. Awich, one of the scene’s prominent artists, is captured in the snack bars she frequents while returning to Okinawa. But she also takes us to a strip club in Koza, where she performed before moving to Tokyo. This glimpse into her life and memories provides an authentic perspective on her journey.

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Tubaki, another talented artist, transports us to his hometown of Nagata, where he’s spent his childhood. In front of his parent’s house, he evokes the memories that have shaped his music. A bar in Naha, which he still frequents, and a folk bar in Koza are also highlighted in the video. These locations reflect the importance of cultural roots in Tubaki’s work. OZworld chose to take us to an old folklore house. Surrounded by folk musicians and sanshin, he immerses us in the traditions of Okinawa. In a café in Chatan, where he holds dear, he reveals his daily life and experiences. CHICO CARLITO, the group’s final member, plunges us into a culinary atmosphere by introducing us to the rice taco restaurant Akatombo, mentioned in the song’s lyrics. In the surrounding shopping streets, he showcases the vibrancy of local life and introduces us to his friends.

This captivating music video, “RASEN in OKINAWA” allows viewers to discover some of the cultures and landscapes that have emerged throughout Okinawa’s history. The artistic collaboration of Awich, Tubaki, OZworld, and CHICO CARLITO brings the project a unique and diverse perspective, further enriching the appreciation of Okinawan culture worldwide.

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