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April 24, 2023 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

VLOT, the talented Japanese producer, is about to release his first album under his name. As part of this project, he collaborated with MIYACHI to create “ALOT” their second work, released on April 19th. VLOT has already excited fans with his work on “ASTRO BOY“, a song that paid tribute to Tezuka Productions‘ work in January of this year. In addition, VLOT also produced the title track “King Of Everything” for LEX’s latest album, which drew attention from fans and discerning listeners. He has become a highly respected producer, working domestically and internationally, collaborating with artists like Alex Lustig, who contributed to Drake’s song “Honestly, Nevermind” on Bleecker Chrome’s “one way.”

The latest album, “ALOT“, results from a fruitful collaboration between VLOT and MIYACHI, who has already been invited as a co-artist on several of his previous works. The two artists have worked together on songs such as “WHAT HAPPENED“, which is included in the tokyovitamin compilation album “Vitamin Yellow” released in 2021, as well as “BROTHER 4 LIFE” included in the latest album. The album production process took about six months, during which VLOT and MIYACHI worked hard to refine every song detail. Although the basis of the song was created quickly, they took the time to perfect every aspect, re-recording several times while consulting with each other.

ALOT” is based on the aggressive Jersey Sound, with the final touch of world-class quality from Alex Lustig. While bilingualism is expected in the era of globalization, MIYACHI is unique with his witty lyrics and humorous personality. There is no other rapper in Japan like him. With their combined talent as producers, VLOT and MIYACHI have created a beautiful single that will interest fans worldwide. Their collaboration has paid off, and the audience eagerly awaits their latest work.

Single: “ALOT” feat. MIYACHI
Artist: VLOT
Date release: April 19, 2023
Label: bpm tokyo
Audio Stream

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