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20 mars 2023 | Osaka, Japon | Team RJHH

The famous rapper tha BOSS continues to promote the release of his second solo album entitled IN THE NAME OF HIP-HOP II, which is scheduled for April 12, 2023. And to delight his fans, he has just released a new video for the song SOMEDAY, in collaboration with the talented rapper SHINGO★Nishinari. The video was filmed in the streets of Nishinari, a district of Osaka, where SHINGO★Nishinari is from. This guest artist brings a touch of authenticity to the video, as he knows the places perfectly. On the other hand, the beat was produced by NANTIS, an artist from Fukuoka.

Old-school rap fans will be delighted to discover this boom-bap-sounding song, which perfectly reflects tha BOSS’s style. As a member of the rap group Tha Blue Herb since the 90s, the rapper has stood out as a solo artist thanks to his committed lyrics and quality music productions. This new video was released only two months after the release of the “YEARNING” music video and a week after the “IN THE NAME OF HIP-HOP” teaser video. The album promotion is, therefore, at its peak, and we can’t wait to discover the other tracks from IN THE NAME OF HIP-HOP II.

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