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December 10, 2023 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

The music industry is buzzing with the release of the highly anticipated collaborative EP titled “Scramble 7 Bullet“, a result of the collaboration between JUCE, the talented MC from BazbeeStoop, and Kousama, the accomplished beat maker from CHOP N FLIP RECORDS. In this article, let’s delve into the details of this exceptional musical release that skillfully blends the talents of two renowned artists.

The Dynamic Duo of JUCE and Kousama

JUCE, a prominent member of BazbeeStoop alongside beat maker ALTO, has teamed up with Kousama, also known as Dr. KOENMA, to bring forth an innovative EP. The dynamic duo has successfully created a uniquely remixed album, carefully selecting songs and transforming them into original pieces with Dr. KOENMA’s distinctive musical expertise. The “Scramble 7 Bullet” EP is not merely a simple remix; it represents JUCE’s resilience in overcoming a microphone illness with finesse. Dr. KOENMA, with his musical genius, breathed new life into the compositions, giving rise to tracks that shine with a different brilliance than the originals. The album starts with a distinctive shout from MOL53, also known as RAWAX.

“Scramble 7 Bullet”, a Diverse Musical Palette

This project offers diverse musical styles, from boom-bap to four-on-the-floor beats, courtesy of Dr. KOENMA. The seven songs on the EP reflect the fusion of JUCE’s talent as a rapper and Kousama’s musical ingenuity. The album promises a rich, human experience, captivating listeners with its infectious rhythm and impactful lyrics. Remaining faithful to his roots and predecessors’ teachings in the microphone industry, JUCE declares:

When it comes to the microphone business, justice is done to those who do what they do. No matter how it happened in the past or their career“.

His dedication to the art of rap shines through in every track of the EP, creating an authentic connection with the audience.

“Scramble 7 Bullet” by JUCE & Kousama is more than just an EP; it celebrates creativity, resilience, and musical collaboration. With unique sounds, immerse yourself in this captivating sonic experience and discover the musical story unfolding in each track.

About JUCE


JUCE is among the MCs whose official album is highly anticipated in the Japanese music scene. Born in Suginami-ku, Tokyo, in 1993, he began his artistic career in 2009 as an MC in the “BazbeeStoop” unit, collaborating with the beatmaker ALTO. His musical style is characterized by realism, contrasting with conventional storytelling. JUCE addresses his daily feelings and frustrations with the world in his compositions. He has also participated in numerous performances as a guest artist, and some listeners may have discovered him through collaborations marked with the mention “Feat. JUCE.”

JUCE’s stoic attitude towards music is evident in the impressive quantity of his past works. He has released around fifteen creations, sometimes using different artistic names. Initially, his early works were distributed on handmade CD-Rs, but he seems to have placed great importance on quality, following the teachings of his predecessors from the North. Particularly meticulous in presenting his music, JUCE has never sold his lifestyle in isolation. After surpassing 30 and overcoming a rare incident that discouraged him, he has finally made a mark on the Tokyo music scene, ready to represent it fully. However, despite his success, he remains humble. Keep it up, Juice.

Juice is a beatmaker and producer from Ibaraki, affiliated with CHOP N FLIP RECORDS. He has provided beats to many MCs, adopting a BOOM BAP style based on sampling. He has also released numerous works under his name and in collaboration with other artists. Additionally, Juice has contributed to the freestyle battle scene by providing music and actively participating as a BATTLE MPC. He has also been invited as a judge on TV Asahi, notably in the show Freestyle Dungeon. Currently, he enjoys the support of AK AI.

Artists: JUCE & Kousanma
EP: “Scramble 7 Bullet”
Release date: 2023.12.06

1. Intro -cri de MOL53 sous le nom RAWAX-
2. Absolute (Remix)
3. One Torch (Remix)
4. Trust Me (Remix)
5. What The Deal (Remix)
6. Get Better feat. Elizabeth-G (Remix)
7. The Royalty (Remix)


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