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December 3rd, 2023 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

On November 17th, Japanese rapper NORIKIYO unveiled his new song, “Don’t Kill UR…“, produced by BACHLOGIC. However, this release was marked by a new single and a video interview where the artist opens up from what appears to be a visitation room in prison. Recorded in spring 2023, while he was out on bail and shortly before his conviction by the Court of Appeals, this interview provides a raw and honest glimpse into NORIKIYO’s thoughts between his arrest and incarceration.

In this rare video, Japanese rap scene specialist Shiho Watanabe guides NORIKIYO through an emotional discussion, exploring the darkest corners of his mind. The rapper reflects on life, music, and the profound meaning behind this new single. It’s a unique opportunity for fans to dive into the artist’s world and understand the challenges he faced. The interview also reveals NORIKIYO’s perspective on his role as an artist while he was out on bail. He opens up about the internal dilemmas he had to navigate, juggling between his music career and the legal circumstances weighing on him. His candid words offer a deeper understanding of the complexity of his situation and how he navigated through this tumultuous period of his life. The release of “Don’t Kill UR…” comes with a specific context, making this song more than just a musical piece. It becomes a reflection of NORIKIYO’s battles and his determination to express himself despite the trials.

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In parallel with this release, NORIKIYO’s official online store continues to accept pre-orders for his 10th album, a double-disc promising a deep musical exploration. Fans can also look forward to new merchandise available for purchase, diving even deeper into the creative universe of the artist. As listeners absorb “Don’t Kill UR…”, the song and the prison interview offer an introspective look into NORIKIYO’s life. His sincere lyrics and testimony provoke thought and open a window into the complexity of the human experience, transcending musical art to become an exploration of the soul.

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