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March 3, 2023 | Tokyo, Japan | Team RJHH

The Japanese rapper MUTA recently released his latest track, BABY LADY, produced by JJJ and shared on YouTube. This new song has received positive reviews, partly due to the participation of the rapper MFS, a member of the hip-hop collective Tha Jointz based in Osaka. MFS has also had great success with her track BOW, which has been viewed over a million times on YouTube.

BABY LADY is a particular song for MUTA, as it celebrated the birth of his daughter in 2022. In this song, he reflects on his journey as a rapper, comparing it to his daughter’s growth. He also touches on the theme of hope for the future. With BABY LADY, MUTA continues to show his creativity and evolution as an artist. By collaborating with MFS, he offers a touching, personal, melodic, and catchy song. Fans of MUTA will be delighted to see that his music continues to improve and renew itself.

MUTA with MFS in The BABY LADY video

MUTA with MFS | BABY LADY prod. by JJJ

MUTA is not a newcomer to the Japanese rap scene. He is a solo artist and a founding member of the group JUMANJI, formed with local friends from Kawagoe. Through his collective, he released a debut album called DAWN which quickly attracted attention. Over the years, MUTA has remained active in hip-hop, mainly in Tokyo. In the 2010s, he released his first EP titled MUTAEP, entirely produced by FEBB of Fla$hBackS and his mini-album UMAT, which features familiar star rappers such as JJJ and Senninsho.

Single: BABY LADY feat. MFS
Artist: MUTA
Release date: March 3, 2023
Audio Stream:


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