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January 3rd, 2024 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

Legendary rapper Mummy-D, a pivotal figure of the Japanese rap group RHYMESTER, is set to release his first solo album, “Bars of My Life“, on Wednesday, March 13. This highly anticipated album promises to be a new milestone in Mummy-D’s long career.

“Bars of My Life”, Mummy-D’s Personal Project

The title “Bars of My Life” is more than just a metaphor; it reflects Mummy-D’s life in iconic hip-hop locales. This 12-track album is a tribute to Mummy-D’s rap career, a true living legend. More than a collection of songs, it’s a musical documentary that captures the essence of an era and Mummy-D’s indelible influence on Japanese hip-hop. Mummy-D has collaborated with several renowned artists and producers to enrich this album. Among them are ILL-BOSSTINO from THA BLUE HERB, BACHLOGIC, DJ KRUSH, DJ WATARAI, and other notable names such as H ZETTRIO, NAOtheLAIZA, Sweet William, Takeuchi Kazutake, SONPUB, Mickey Yoshino, Nulbarich, Yuu Sakai, Yoshito Tanaka, and Neko Saito. Each collaboration brings a unique color to the album, reflecting the diversity and richness of the Japanese hip-hop scene.

Mummy-D, Bars of my Life

Mummy-D, Bars of my Life


1. O.G. – Mummy-D (Produced by Mr. Drunk)
2. マイク持つ者よ – Mummy-D (Produced by Mr. Drunk)
3. Bxxxh Perfect (BACHLOGIC Remix) – Mummy-D, Yoshito Tanaka (Produced by BACHLOGIC)
4. Bars of My Life – Mummy-D (Produced by DJ KRUSH)
5. 同じ月を見ていた feat. ILL-BOSSTINO – Mummy-D (Produced by DJ WATARAI)
6. Free feat. H ZETTRIO – Mummy-D (Produced by H ZETTRIO)
7. バックミラーの中の街 – Mummy-D (Produced by NAOtheLAIZA)
8. Hardcore Hip Hop Star Part 3 – Mummy-D (Produced by Sweet William)
9. 虹色 – Mummy-D (Produced by Kaztake Takeuchi, Mr. Drunk)
10. Spread Love – Mummy-D (Produced by SONPUB)
11. Be Alright (Mr. Drunk Remix) feat. ミッキー吉野 – Mummy-D, Nulbarich (Produced by Mr. Drunk)
12. Kiss Your Life feat. さかいゆう – Mummy-D (Produced by さかいゆう, Mr. Drunk)

Niji-iro“: The First Single from “Bars of My Life”

The first single, “Niji-iro“, will be released on January 3. This upbeat song celebrates self-love and acceptance. It’s a perfect preview of the album, promising a rich and varied musical experience. For devoted fans, a special pre-order offer is available. By reserving “Bars of My Life” before January 31 at participating CD stores, they will receive an exclusive limited-edition cassette, an invaluable keepsake for any collector.

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