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January 12, 2024 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

The release of Macssy’s new album, “8MOMENTS“, scheduled for January 25, 2024, is heralded as an unprecedented fusion of hip-hop and soulful singer, promising to redefine the contemporary musical landscape. It’s also a fresh, innovative work for Macssy, a native of Fukuoka.

“8MOMENTS”, An Innovative Project with GENJU

8MOMENTS” will not be an ordinary album. It will symbolize the creative alliance between the talented Fukuoka singer Macssy and the trending beatmaker Dirty XL Digga, aka GENJU. This collaboration is the result of a unique musical alchemy, blending the raw energy of the boom-bap style with the lyrical softness of R&B. Macssy, known for her distinctive voice capable of spanning multiple musical genres, partners with GENJU, a renowned beatmaker based in Yamaguchi and Kyushu. Their artistic synergy will give “8MOMENTS” an undeniable freshness, enriching the urban music scene of Fukuoka.

The Announcement of “8MOMENTS” on Macssy’s Instagram

Macssy stirred up excitement among her fans on December 20, 2023, by revealing the tracklist and the artists participating in the project on Instagram. The album will be available on various streaming platforms starting January 18, 2024, allowing a broad audience to discover this new work.

Who is Macssy?



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Macssy, a rising star from Fukuoka, quickly established herself as an indispensable voice in the world of hip-hop and R&B. Her unique voice stands out for its ability to oscillate between high-pitched and husky tones, creating a distinctive style uniquely hers. Macssy’s incredible ease of navigating different musical genres makes her unique. Her mastery of hip-hop and R&B makes her a talented singer and a complete artist. This versatility allows her to reach a broad audience, from hip-hop purists to fans of melodic R&B.

An influential member of the female hip-hop group DERELLA, Macssy began her solo career strongly after releasing her first album, “SHE’LL“, in 2010. This album established Macssy as a creative force in the music world, allowing her to express herself fully as a solo artist. Macssy’s career is marked by significant collaborations, demonstrating her versatility and growing influence in the industry. She has notably contributed to albums such as “Hell Me Nation” by RUMI and “Blue Thought” by TWIGY, highlighting her ability to enrich various musical genres with her unique voice. In 2023, Macssy took a bold turn by embracing the world of DJing, mainly in the Amapiano style, under the stage name Vibrato. This new venture illustrates her desire to continually reinvent herself and push the boundaries of her musical creativity.

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