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August 22, 2022 | Tokyo, Japan

We’re pleased to present you with an exclusive interview with one of the greatest rappers of her generation, Coma-Chi. Since her debut on the music scene in 2003, she has left a lasting impression on the Japanese hip-hop scene. With a discography including over six albums, she has continuously amazed her audience with her striking performances. By taking on new challenges and blending traditional Japanese music and hip-hop, she has made a name for herself in the music world, inspiring generations of fans with her intelligent lyrics and unparalleled flow.

In this interview, we will have the opportunity to discover her journey, her future projects, her approach to spirituality, and her new EP, SPIRITUAL BITCH. We will also get to know her experience in the music industry.

Production : Real Japanese Hip Hop
Artist : Coma-Chi
Interview : Zen Masuta
Written interview : ATTANGO
Director : Tokyo Blu Nation
Video Sound and Light : ATTANGO

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11: “Every song that I write is based on very real raw experiences”
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