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April 14, 2024 | Tokyo, Japan | by ATTANGO

Origin of Daichi Yamamoto

Born on March 14, 1993, Daichi uses his real name on stage, written in Kanji as “Yamamoto Daichi”. He has mixed heritage, including Jamaican origins from his mother, though his name reflects his Japanese nationality. Based in Kyoto, the Yamamoto family consists of five members: his father, Nick, who runs the Metro of Kyoto (the city’s oldest club).

After unsuccessful attempts to enter the city of Kyoto’s University of Arts, Daichi heeded his father’s advice and looked abroad, choosing the University of the Arts London to continue his education. In London, he began to consider a music career seriously. Inspired by the city’s creative buzz, he released his first work on SoundCloud at 22, which would soon kickstart his career. It took off when one of his works on SoundCloud caught the attention of the Japanese music scene—mentioned by Olive Oil in an interview with Eleking Poetry as his “favorite rapper“. He quickly gained notoriety. His selection by Spotify as one of the “10 artists to watch in 2020” confirmed his rising star status. Moreover, his collaboration on a commercial song for Lipovitan D marked a turning point, expanding his audience beyond Japanese borders.

Daichi Yamamoto’s Encounter with Hip-Hop

Daichi Yamamoto’s story with hip hop begins in the family environment. He was immersed in this vibrant and expressive musical genre from a young age, influenced by his older siblings who listened to American hip-hop. In middle school, although he was not immediately drawn to Japanese hip hop, finding it too tranquil to represent the soul’s cry he was searching for, he continued to indulge in the American version of this musical style.

His interest in local hip-hop awakened when he attended a high school concert by MC Shing02 at the metro. The live performance profoundly impacted him, revealing an aspect of Japanese hip hop he had not yet explored. This experience was a turning point, encouraging him to deepen his understanding and appreciation of the nuances of hip-hop from his homeland. By the age of 18, as he was contemplating a musical career, Daichi began rapping. His older brother, already being a DJ, wanted to find his path to avoid following in his footsteps. It was then that influential figures in his circle, including his father and B-BANDJ, also frequenting the metro, suggested he try his hand at rap. Daichi then resolutely embarked on the path of rap.

Daichi Yamamoto’s Unique Style

Daichi Yamamoto, an artist who embodies the essence of hip-hop with an emphasis on melody, stands out for his ability to alter the tone of his voice throughout a song, allowing him to express his individuality boldly. Daichi opts for authenticity in his lyrics, choosing to write in Japanese to ensure a more sincere transmission of emotions and ideas, thus avoiding any pretense that the use of English might impose. He doesn’t limit himself to rap in his quest for sound perfection. Daichi skillfully integrates singing elements, ensuring a harmonious balance that enriches his compositions. This approach is not just a technique but an expression of his will to reach his audience as purely and profoundly as possible.

Today, Daichi Yamamoto is not just the product of his multicultural experiences but also a pillar of innovation in hip-hop. He pushes the boundaries of what he can explore and offer through each track and performance. Critics and fans praise his efforts, and his career is marked by relentless creativity and a desire for innovation. Those who follow his journey know Daichi’s promising future deserves their full attention. His trajectory is not only a reflection of his talent but also a source of inspiration for those aspiring to redefine the norms of hip-hop music.

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