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January 3rd, 2024 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

GeG’s album, “Mellow Mellow~GeG’s Playlist vol.2~ was released on January 3rd. This project is the exciting successor to the hit compilation “Mellow Mellow GeG’s Playlist vol.1,” and promises to be a whirlwind of creativity and unique collaborations.

“Mellow Mellow” ~GeG’s Playlist vol.2~, The Second Chapter of a Successful Series

GeG, a prominent Hentai Gentlemen’s Club member, continues his musical journey with this second album in the playlist series. Four years after his first opus, “Mellow Mellow” GeG returns with a bang. The album brings together a plethora of renowned artists such as WILYWNKA, VIGORMAN, Sakuki, Nishina, MILES WORD, JAGGLA, SNEEEZE, kojikoji, Hiplin, Rin-on, and SISUI, creating an ambitious and dazzling masterpiece.

The album shines with its diversity, featuring rappers and singers sharing their verses on tracks that oscillate between brief and emotional. Through its ten songs, “Mellow Mellow” explores new horizons, incorporating a ‘mellow’ style enriched with a more danceable taste. Before the album’s release, GeG treated his fans to captivating singles. The first, “Still Hungry“, featuring MILES WORD, JAGGLA, SNEEEZE, and VIGORMAN, was released on December 20th. The second single, “Hanazuka“, with kojikoji and Rin-ON, followed on December 22nd. Finally, “Let’s Get Together Again” by Hentai Gentlemen’s Club, released on December 29th, marked a much-awaited return.

Artists Share Their Excitement for “Mellow Mellow” ~GeG’s Playlist vol.2~

Source Tune Core magazine

The album has elicited enthusiastic reactions from the involved artists. WILYWNKA, VIGORMAN, Tsubaki, MILES WORD, SZEEEZE, HIPLIN, and SISUI have all expressed their admiration and excitement for the project, highlighting the exceptional quality of the album and the joy of collaborating with GeG.

“The long-awaited 2nd Album of GeG! WILYWNKA’s solo song ‘Straight Up’ is one of my recent favorite songs. The content is simple. I think in everyday life, many things are not easy to do. Despite this, I did it to go straight ahead. It’s a sound that I don’t usually use in my solos, but I think it’s something I can create with GeG! There is also a new song from me and the pervert gentlemen’s club that I haven’t seen in a while, so listen to it and enjoy.”

“Finally! GeG’s second album is out! Fortunately, VIGORMAN has the most songs on this album. It feels like my album is coming out! LOL After watching them make it up close, I can wholeheartedly recommend it as a great album! I like both the new solo songs and those from Hentai Gentleman. It’s an album to listen to in 2024. I want you to listen to it soon!”

“It’s enjoyable to make songs with this team since EDEN and Suisen are special songs, including when we sang A-da-no-ko-da at the training camp. I opened 1,800 ml of Kanamiya in three days. Please listen to it a lot.”

“I talked to GeG over a drink and told him: ‘Please come to the studio next time.’ Later, I went to the studio and listened to the rhythms, wrote and recorded a verse, and after finishing it, I went out to eat and have a drink. Until then, we drank and played and were at full capacity the next day. LOL”

“Congratulations on the completion and release of GeG’s long-awaited 2nd ALBUM! I was able to participate in the making of this album in various ways! I feel a lot of GeG’s feelings towards stoic production, and I’m sure you will look forward to this GeG album, which has further evolved in production and rhythm creation by GeG! I am honored to be part of this superb album.”

“Congratulations on the release of GeG’s second album! I was lucky enough to listen to the album first, and it is filled with GeG’s verses throughout, making it a wonderful piece of music that never gets boring. I also participate in the song ‘SKY’! I like this song.”

Mellow Mellow ~GeG's Playlist vol.2~

Artist: GeG
Album: “Mellow Mellow” ~GeG’s Playlist vol.2~
Release Date: 2024.01.03
Label:  Goosebumps Music

Audio link


1. GeG / Intro
2. GeG / Still Hungry feat. MILES WORD × JAGGLA × SNEEEZE × VIGORMAN
3. GeG / EDEN feat. 唾奇, にしな
4. WILWWNKA / Straight up (Prod. GeG)
5. VIGORMAN / またとない日々を (Prod. GeG)
6. 変態紳士クラブ / Let’s get together again
7. kojikoji & Rin音 / 花束 (Prod. GeG)
8. Hiplin / SKY (Prod. GeG)
9. SISUI & GeG / なっちゃうじゃん (AL ver)
10. 唾奇 / 水仙 feat. にしな (Prod. GeG)

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