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January 7, 2024 | Tokyo, Japon | Team RJHH

On Wednesday, January 31st, the highly anticipated album “SONORAS” by Sweet William will be released. Three years following the resounding success of their album “Beat Theme“, the renowned beatmaker makes a strong comeback with a creation that promises to be revolutionary.

Sweet William Brings Together Several Artists in “SONORAS”

“SONORAS”, an album comprising 13 tracks, has been designed as a crossroads where various musical influences meet. Collaborations with renowned artists such as Kota the Friend, Uri Nakayama, Jambo Lacquer, Fumitake Esaki, NF Zessho, Jinmenusagi, and GAGLE demonstrate this richness. The release of the single “ME TIME” last November, in collaboration with Brooklyn rapper Kota the Friend, has already given a striking taste of what “SONORAS” has to offer. The song is available on Sweet William’s YouTube profile. This project is a new collaboration between artists who have previously worked together, thus offering unprecedented synergy and artistic diversity. This ensemble of fresh and diverse talents promises an unparalleled auditory experience.

The visual touch of the album is not to be overlooked. The cover, the work of illustrator Ina Takayuki, embodies the essence of “SONORAS“: a fusion of creativity and innovation. It is the visual reflection of the unique musical experience that Sweet William is about to offer.

Sweet William, SONORAS

Artist: Sweet William
Release Date:2024.01.31
Label: Arte Sonata / Fltbys LLC


1. Crack in the Clouds
2. ME TIME Sweet William × Kota the Friend
3. Corner
4. スイカ feat. 中山うり
5. 4 Reasons feat. Jambo Lacquer
6. Madison Square Park
7. Begins to Crack feat. 江﨑文武
8. Flagship feat. NF Zessho
9. Jubilee in Central
10. Beyond feat. Jinmenusagi & NF Zessho
11. Far East Lover
12. See, Saw feat. GAGLE
13. Misfit Yurigaoka

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