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The Anime opening does not necessarily rhyme with Japanese rap. It even rhymes with the opposite! Anime openings (and endings) are often J-rock and J-pop colored. Only some studios have given a chance to Japanese rap to dress up for the opening of their anime. And yet, we found some rare hip-hop-sounding tracks by scratching into this bottomless world of anime openings. To name a few: AK69, BAD HOP, Nujabes, Chelmico, Coma-Chi…We made a recap, and be careful; this is not a ranking, just a re-census.

Anime openings are an integral part of manga animation. And a good opening is, above all, good music! It will mark the spirits, stay in mind, and represents a part of the identity of the manga. The choice of music has as much impact on the animation side as on the chosen artist. Indeed, the rule is quite simple, your song is the theme song of a successful animation, and it will have a great chance of becoming a hit in Japan and even being exported internationally.

Anime credits and Japanese rap, what about it?

The opening and ending are often doped with J-pop or Japanese Rock. But what about Japanese Rap? The relationship between Hip Hop and manga is well known. Although the link is not the most obvious, it has existed for a long time in popular anime.

We have found you a TOP 10 Japanese Rap openings/endings to pierce this mystery. We chose to put in this top 10 the beginning/ending whose sounds sounded the most Hip Hop. In the existing mass, many are finally more J-Pop than Hip Hop. So we had to decide!

Ayakashi Japanese Classic Horror  – Opening 3

Artist : Rhymester feat Fire ball
Soundtrack : Heat Island

Kengan Ashura – Ending

Artist : BAD HOP
Soundtrack : Born this way


Artist : Coma-Chi
Soundtrack : Slum City feat. Mabanua

Samurai Champloo – Opening

Artist : Nujabes feat Shing02
Soundtrack : Battle Cry

TOKYO TRIBE 2 – Opening

Soundtrack: Top of Tokyo

Cagaster – Opening

Artist: Hilcrhyme
Soundtrack: Be Zero

GANTZ – O – Opening

Artist: Rip Slyme (Warner Music Japan)
Soundtrack: Super Shooter

KEN – Fist of the blue sky – Opening

Artist : AK-69
Soundtrack : SonSouten no Hate ni

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! – Opening

Artist: Chelmico
Soundtrack: Easy Breezy


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