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Published December 1, 2023


Namedarumaaz (Badsaikush, Delta9Kid, and G Plants), a rising rap group, has recently shaken up the hip-hop world by releasing their latest single, “FEEL OR BEEF BADPOP IS DEAD“, on December 1, 2023. Produced by Green Assassin Dollar, this track quickly became a must-hear in the music industry, garnering over 300,000 views on YouTube in just one week.

“FEEL OR BEEF BADPOP IS DEAD” after the AH1 Festival in Aichi

This news song came a few weeks after a controversial event at the AH1 hip-hop festival in Aichi, on October 22, 2023. The song is seen as a direct response to this incident and, more specifically, as a provocation towards Yzeer, a rival group BAD HOP member. The AH1 festival generated great anticipation, particularly for the performance of the popular group BAD HOP. However, the show was canceled at the last minute under the pretext of an “equipment problem,” leaving fans confused and disappointed. Later, a video broadcasted on X (formerly Twitter) revealed a backstage altercation between Yzerr of BAD HOP and Badsaikush, which escalated into a fight. This incident is the main reason for the sudden cancellation of BAD HOP’s performance.

A strong message of Namedarumaaz

In “FEEL OR BEEF BADPOP IS DEAD“, Namedarumaaz doesn’t mince words. The title is a challenge aimed at BAD HOP and specifically Yzeer, marking a significant and controversial moment in the history of Japanese hip-hop. The bold and visually captivating video has caught the attention of rap fans and a broader audience intrigued by the rise of this artistic conflict.

The track continues accumulating thousands of views, with fans won over by the rapping skills of Namedarumaaz’s members (Badsaikush, Delta9Kid, and G Plants). Some praise Namedarumaaz for their boldness and authenticity, while others criticize the group for fanning the flames of an already tense feud. Despite this song continues to grow in popularity, solidifying Namedarumaaz’s position as a significant force in the Japanese rap scene.

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