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Published, January 11, 2023

Ace the Chosen onE – BLACK LAUNDRY feat, MuKuRo & SILENT KILLA JOINT

Prod by ES-PLANT
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January 11, 2024: The much-awaited music video for “BLACK LAUNDRY” is in collaboration with the explosive talents of MuKuRo and SILENT KILLA JOINT. “BLACK LAUNDRY” stands out with its unique blend of compelling rhythms. From the very first verses, the track captivates with its intensity. The lyrics, mixing Japanese and English, illustrate personal struggles and resilience in facing life’s challenges.

The lyrics of “BLACK LAUNDRY” paint a story of perseverance. Lines like “Bad day 夜更けに嫌な汗, My honey 横目に味のしねぇSmoke’ and ‘向いてないお前はなっからBad boy” reveal a complex mix of vulnerability. MuKuRo and SILENT KILLA JOINT‘s contributions add layers of intensity and character to the son.

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