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About ¥ellow Bucks

Born in August 1996 in Takayama (Gifu Prefecture), ¥ellow Bucks started his career as a rapper with a three-MC rap group called Young Busta. After the dissolution of the group, he changed his name to ¥ellow Bucks and started his solo career. After some performances in Takayama, he went to the United States at 19 to explore the American hip-hop scene. The environment and ambiance he felt there influenced his future tracks, lifestyle, and clothing style.

Upon his return from the US, he participated in several rap competitions and suddenly gained popularity in 2019. With his victory in Rap Star Birth! In season 3, a significant rap event organized by Abema TV, he immediately released his first EP, To The Top. Since then, he has continuously released high-quality productions. In August 2020, he released his first full album, Jungle, which recorded sales comparable to those of majors, even as an independent artist. In addition, with participation and collaborations with renowned national artists and American and Taiwanese artists, ¥ellow Bucks receives praise from all sides.

Although he had a successful career until the summer of 2021, he was arrested in November of the same year on suspicion of dried cannabis. Although this was due to unintentional events caused by his actions, it also allowed him to reflect and strengthen his determination as an artist. His progression strategy became even faster, and in July 2022, he finally completed his second entire album, Ride 4 Life, which still shows his determination. ¥ellow Bucks is a talented rapper of the new generation who embodies the Japanese hip-hop dream. He proudly proves his existence worthy of the name Young Tokai carrying the Tokai region on his shoulders through his microphone.

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